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Various Sizes & Colours
Various Sizes & Colours
Various Sizes & Colours
Various Sizes & Colours

Here at Hanly's Garden Machinery we supply the entire range of Berg trampolines and offer delivery straight to your door. Choose from various models such as the Favorit, Champion or Elite ranges all available in a range of sizes and colours. Configure your Berg trampoline with various Safety Nets, Ladders, Weather Covers and more. 

Would you like a trampoline in your garden without it being too conspicuous? A BERG InGround trampoline is the solution! This is a trampoline that you sink into the ground. It is nicely concealed and extra safe because it is almost at ground level. This also makes it easier to step onto the trampoline.
BERG has a selection of InGround trampolines in various price ranges and different qualities. 

The advantages of a BERG InGround trampoline:
Due to the unique design, it is not necessary to dig a deep hole. This means less digging!
The short legs on the InGround trampoline are not sunk into the ground and will therefore not easily rust. The service life of your trampoline is therefore much longer!
The BERG InGround trampoline has an integrated frame net. This is convenient because it allows the air to escape which is created by the jumping. It also prevents balls and other toys from rolling under the trampoline.

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