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At Hanly's Garden Machinery Ltd we supply a wide range of strimmers and brushcutters from Honda, Tanaka and Husqvarna. Choose from a lightweight 2 stroke bent shaft for lawn edge strimming or a mower powerfull bike handle straight shaft brushcutter to get the job done. A Honda handheld brushcutter is ready for heavy duty work. Designed to be as comfortable to use as they are powerful. Honda brushcutters deliver reliable, constant power and torque in the most demanding environments. 4 Stroke engines mean easier starting, quieter and no fuel/oil mix. Depending on which model you choose a Husqvarna Brushcutter can be a versatile partner at hand. The efficient trimmer head ensures good results and you can easily adjust it by changing type of blade. Tanaka brushcutters offer a range of lightweight powerful machines compatible with many attachments.

Hanly's Garden Machinery offer buying advice, demonstration and all your brushcutter servicing needs.