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Here at Hanly's Garden Machinery Ltd we supply the entire range of Berg Go Karts and accessories. Free assembly is included if collected in store and Free Delivery is offered to purchases over €100

Years of carefree fun
Which is your favourite go-kart? Is it a go-kart you can race around in as fast as you can? A go-kart in which you can explore the neighbourhood at leisure? Or a go-kart by a real tractoror car brand? At BERG we make beautiful and safe go-karts that every child dreams of. We also believe it is important that children can enjoy playing outside without a care in the world. Our go-karts are of excellent quality and guarantee years of fun!
What is the difference between the go-karts?
BERG has a large range of go-karts for young or old, big or small, ranging from the GO² (10 months +) to the E-BFR (6 years +). Before buying a go-kart, you need to know how tall your child is. When you compare that to the heights indicated for the different go-karts, you will get a good picture of which go-kart is better suited to your child. Do you know which platform is best in terms of size? In that case you only need to choose the nicest one!
Are go-karts only for boys? Definitely not!
Whoever says that go-karting is only for boys is entirely wrong! There are many go-karts to choose from for both boys and girls. For the little ones, the BERG GO2 is available in 3 different colours. The Buzzy, Reppy, Buddy and Rally are also available in different versions for boys and girls. There are even pink go-karts available, such as the Buzzy Bloom or the Buddy Lua.
BFR or BFR-3
The larger BERG Go-karts (children 5 years +) are available with different frames for you to choose from.
All large BERG Go-karts have a BFR system, which means Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. In every large BERG go-kart you can therefore use the pedals to determine whether you want to go forwards or backwards. This same system is also available with three gears: the BFR-3 system. Three gears make pedalling even easier. Hills, slopes and uneven surfaces are even easier to overcome in a BERG go-kart with gears.
Complete your go-kart with a supercool trailer!
Attaching a trailer to your go-kart increases the fun! Children love going on adventures and taking extra gear with them in a trailer. Extra toys, a survival kit or a picnic basket will all fit in the trailer! The possibilities are endless when kids set off with a trailer attached to their go-kart. We have matching trailers for practically all our go-karts. For the large trailer there is even a flashy cover to keep all your things dry. The windows of the cover can be rolled up to give you more visibility, so you can check that your things in the trailer are fine. And there is no problem at all if it rains, because all our trailers are waterproof. So no need to panic if it suddenly starts to rain!

A go-kart by BERG is, of course, great fun in itself, but you can make your go-kart look even cooler by adding accessories. You can add an extra seat so that your brother or sister can ride on your go-kart with you, add on some lamps or even attach a nice trailer to your go-kart. Pimp your go-kart with these BERG Go-Kart accessories! BERG Quality All BERG Go-Kart accessories are made from high-quality materials. As a result, the go-karts and the parts last a long time and children can enjoy these great go-kart accessories for much longer. BERG Innovation BERG believes innovation is very important and is continuously occupied with product innovation. BERG Design Many go-kart accessories are available in the same colours and styles as those of the BERG Go-Karts. The other accessories, such as the trailer, lamps, mirrors, etc, are designed to fit any go-kart.

Here at Hanly's Garden Machinery we supply the entire range of Berg trampolines and offer delivery straight to your door. Choose from various models such as the Favorit, Champion or Elite ranges all available in a range of sizes and colours. Configure your Berg trampoline with various Safety Nets, Ladders, Weather Covers and more. 

Safety and quality for more outdoor fun

As a parent, you want your children to have fun and to enjoy playing outside. You don’t want to have to worry about the welfare of your child. BERG has a safe and good quality trampoline that suits your garden. We have designed safe trampolines on which children can discover their talents without a care in the world and which allows parents to feel at ease while their children practise their jumps.

What is the difference between the trampolines?
Many different trampolines are available, varying in height, diameter, colour, quality and price. What is the difference between the trampolines? At first glance, BERG Trampolines look very similar, but there really is a difference. First of all, there are four different quality lines, namely: the Favorit, the Champion and the Elite. The big difference is mainly in the jumping comfort and the quality. This has to do with the parts of the trampoline. For example, think about the jumping mat, the safety net, the protective padding, the springs and the frame. Summarising, you can say that a higher-quality line is equal to more jumping pleasure and quality.

Trampolining is great fun and it's also good for you. Safety, however, is very important, which is why BERG always recommends choosing a trampoline with a safety net. We also sell other accessories such as the BERG Trampoline step, which is handy for the little ones and makes it easier for them to climb onto the above-ground trampoline. A cover for the trampoline is certainly no unnecessary luxury and is easy to use. This cover will keep the jumping mat and the protective edge clean, and thus the quality will remain guaranteed. BERG Quality All BERG trampolines are available with a safety net. You have a choice of different diameters and different qualities. BERG differentiates between the SafetyNet Comfort, the SafetyNet DeLuxe and the SafetyNet T-Series. All safety nets on BERG trampolines are made of high-quality materials and therefore last a long time. BERG Innovation Safety is very important when trampolining. Not only does BERG find it very important to continue innovating when it comes to trampolines and go-karts, but innovation is also important when it comes to BERG trampoline accessories. All our safety nets, for example, have an ultra-safe self-closing entrance. As a result, the entrance to the trampoline with the safety net can never remain open accidentally. BERG Design The SafetyNet Comfort is equipped with protective covers on the poles around the trampoline. The SafetyNet DeLuxe has even thicker pole covers for protection. Both safety nets have sturdy, curved poles around the trampoline to give you even more room to practise your trampolining. Also, the SafetyNet T-Series is attached to the frame of the trampoline by a sturdy, patented construction (BERG Top cap). It provides additional safety and it looks neat and tidy.

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