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ECHO Robotics Bigmow TM2000

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Product Description

There’s no denying that stripes are beautiful. Sure, they look nice, but are you ready
for the alternative? Because you could have what no one else does—turf that has
a first cut appearance all the time, improved turf health and reduced input costs,
reallocation of resources and time to deal with the big-picture issues.
Let’s put it this way: If you’re ready to save time and money,
you’re ready to change your stripes…

Not only are these TurfMowers autonomous and emissions-free, they
also promote healthier, better-looking turf. And their performance can be
monitored and controlled from anywhere using an online portal or app on your
smartphone. That means you can reallocate your resources in ways you never
thought possible—because until now, they never were.

• Quiet operation allows it to be used in noisesensitive areas without disturbing customers
• Autonomous—operates 24/7, rain or shine, day and night
• Gives your turf a freshly mowed look all day, every day
• Advanced automation, guidance and safety features
let you rest assured the job’s being done right
• Remote command and performance
monitoring—because work doesn’t stop when
you’re busy doing other things—or off-site
• Emissions-free operation aids the environment
and creates a better experience for customers
• Professional installation customized for your site
• 8x lower energy costs*
* compared to traditional mowers

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