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Kranzle Powerwasher Profi 195 TST

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Product Description

The new family of Professionals represents the consequent further development of the proven Kränzle T-series. The new Professionals convince by a modern future-orientated design and enhanced engineering. An extremely over-dimensioned gear is built in for example helping to extend the shelf life of the cleaners considerably. In addition the open type design offers a maintenance friendly access to all important parts.
Main advantages of the Kränzle principle of arrangement are the integral hose drum, receptacles for HP gun, Dirtkiller and lance together with the winding-up device for the power cable. Everything is attached to the appliance, easily accessible and it can be used and operated without any problems. Compared to the T-series the hose drum is even considerably bigger facilitating the winding up of the hose.

The fixed hose drum puts order into the system. Never again entangled or carelessly layed down high-pressure hoses, that have to be detected or disentangled before starting work. And moreover – the durability of the hoses is substantially extended!
Use master switch to activate unit and to automatically start motor when actuating the high pressure gun. Closing the gun causes the motor to automatically stop. The unit remains operational until master switch is turned off.
The complete chassis consists of one single part manufactured in the extremely robust rotation sinter procedure and encloses the motor pump unit like a rollover cage. In order to pass the power flow from the wheels onto the chassis, the steel axle is welded to a laser cut mold plate.
As with all Profi models, the water tank is designed to serve as a water reservoir and surge tank between piping system and pump. No tools are needed for assembly or disassembly. The tank is only required when additives are being applied at full operating pressure.
Detergent suction at the pressure side, as used for standard machines, consume approx. 30 % of the energy, no matter if they are in operation or not. Due to the water tank in all Kränzle Profi cleaners it is now possible to suck detergents directly into the pump, preventing a decrease in the output and thus leading to an increase of the efficiency. The detergents can be sprayed without reducing the operating pressure. The unit can at all times be operated without the water tank, e.g. when sucking from external sources or connecting to high pressure pipe.


Operating pressure, continuously adjustable 30 – 170 bar, Totalstop
Nozzle size 2003 (flat jetnozzle), 03 (Dirtkiller)
Max. admissible overpressure 195 bar
Water output 8 l/min
Motor Speed 1400 r.p.m.
Water inlet temperature 60°C
Suction height 2.5 m
Steel-braided high-pressure hose 15 m NW6
Detergent injector yes
Connected load 230 V~, 14.3 A, 50 Hz
Power input: 3.2 kW
Power output: 2.5 kW
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions in mm 355 x 375 x 980
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