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Husqvarna Ceora 544 Epos Package

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Product Description

High-performance robotic model for large-area maintenance, featuring Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. Operates autonomously and systematically within virtual boundaries, allowing for flexible and hassle-free turf care. Delivering highly professional results for sports fields or larger facility areas. Operating quietly and with zero emissions while in use.


Approx 20 000 m2: Pro sports quality
The modern sports facility is the ideal arena for CEORA™ to show off its versatile skills. Put to work on an area around 20 000 m2 per day, it can manage several football pitches in a cost-efficient and professional way. Everyday care results in a lush, dense lawn that is perfect for sports and golf, with heavily-used grass areas being cut sensitively. CEORA™ is easy for all ground staff to operate remotely and maintain while focusing on other tasks to further improve turf quality. The end result is a sustainable win-win for the whole club.

Approx 40 000 m2: Pro quality
CEORA™ can cut day and night on larger turf areas, working quietly in defined areas without getting in the way of players. Premium quality is achieved on semi-rough and sports areas, with the use of active wheel brushes that spread grass clippings effectively, creating a smooth result without clumps. To achieve optimum grass length on larger areas, CEORA™ can be scheduled to cut three times a week on an area of around 40 000 m2. Also, with future software updates, it is a viable long-term asset to any sports or golf club.

Approx 65 000 m2: Regular quality
Its huge area capacity and sustainable capabilities mean CEORA™ represents the ideal investment for facilities and municipalities looking to meet targets on emissions and noise levels. Furthermore, replacing manual mowing with a robotic solution that can cover areas up to 65 000 m2 twice a week presents the opportunity to make major savings on labour and equipment costs. New levels of flexibility and performance are also possible, with turf care aided by virtual boundaries.

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Overall dimensions
Weight 38 kg
Product size length 67 cm
Product size width 72 cm
Product size height 44 cm
Product Data
Colour Orange
Protection index (IP Code) IPX5
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery capacity 49 Ah
Cutting System
Cutting height max 70 mm
Cutting height min 20 mm
User Interface Professional User Interface/App
Display None
Connectivity Cellular, Bluetooth®
App controlled Husqvarna Fleet Services
Smart Home integration Yes
Firmware Update FOTA
GPS Theft tracking Yes
PIN code Yes
Alarm Yes
Lift sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
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