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Berg Trampoline Ultim Elite Flatground & AeroWall

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Product Description

Of all the trampolines, you can make the best jumps on the BERG Ultim Elite FlatGround. This trampoline has been specially designed for learning and performing the coolest and newest tricks. The trampoline is 5x3 metres, which means you have an enormous amount of jumping space! Just like the Olympic trampolines, this Ultim Elite is rectangular in shape. This means that you can make superfine jumps over the entire length and width of the trampoline. A rectangular trampoline also gives you more control over the jumps that you make.

The AirFlow jumping mat and the TwinSpring springs ensure that you can make extra high and supple jumps. The Ultim Elite has been designed with care, which has resulted in a very safe trampoline.

BERG FlatGround trampolines are fully integrated in the garden. This is because the protective edge of the trampoline is completely level with the garden. This makes the trampoline unobtrusive and easy to step onto.

De Ultim Elite FlatGround is available with AreoWall. This detachable jump wall makes practising and carrying out tricks even more fun. The wall is super sturdy due to the strong frame and is easy to install and remove.

• The gapless protective edge is made from the strongest and most attractive material on the market.
• The gapless protective edge consists of one continuous piece of foam. This ensures complete protection of the springs and the frame.
• The protective edge is extra wide (44 cm) and thick (45 mm).
• The patented frame consists of a strong profile of 140x80 mm.
• Super silent frame.
• Cool graphics on the protective edge.
• Includes tools to help you sink the trampoline into the ground (comprehensive ruler, measuring and finishing tool, marking chalk).
• The AirFlow jumping mat allows 50% more airflow. This results in better jumping comfort and higher and more flexible jumping!
• Because the TwinSpring Gold springs are placed at an angle, they are extra long and • supple without reducing the jumping surface.
The Elite protective edge is de best in the market. The special UV resistant layer keeps the trampoline looking attractive for a long time.

Art. Nr. Model Colour Diameter Number of springs Trampoline height Entrance height Test weight Max. user weight CE certified BERG Ultim Elite FlatGround 500 Grey + AeroWall  black Grey 500 x 300 128 200 cm 0 cm 600kg 120kg No BERG Ultim Elite FlatGround 500 black + AeroWall  black Black 500 x 300 128 200 cm 0 cm 600kg 120kg No
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