Soichiro Honda (本田 宗一郎 Honda Sōichirō , November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991) was a Japanese engineer and industrialist.

Honda was born in Tenryū, Shizuoka, a small village under Mount Fuji near Hamamatsu. He spent his early childhood helping his father, Gihei, a blacksmith, with his bicycle repair business.

In 1948, he established Honda and oversaw its expansion from a wooden shack manufacturing bicycle motors to a multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer.

At 15, without any formal education, Honda left home and headed to Tokyo to look for work. He obtained an apprenticeship at a garage in 1922, and after some hesitation over his employment, he stayed for six years, working as a car mechanic before returning home to start his own auto repair business in 1928 at the age of 22.

In 1937, Honda founded Tōkai Seiki to produce piston rings for Toyota

 In 1948 he started producing a complete motorized bicycle, the Type A, which was driven by the first mass-produced engine designed by Honda, and was sold until 1951.

Honda's First Lawnmower and BBC (Blade Brake Clutch) Mechanism

The high-performance high-quality HR21 (released in 1978) was developed as Honda's first lawnmower with the goal of becoming the No. 1 lawnmower in the world, featuring a low-noise low- vibration high-performance vertical engine, easy operation and a high level of safety and durability. The HR21 incorporated the BBC mechanism that stops the blade within three seconds in the event the clutch lever is released while the engine continues to operate. Current lawnmower safety regulations in the United States are based on this safety mechanism that was developed by Honda before any other company in the world.

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